Effective  on  01/01/2021

PH Capital Co., Ltd. (“Company”) who is engaged in food and beverage business under Pizza Hut brand (“Pizza Hut”) in Thailand has established this Privacy Policy in order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2019 and other provisions under the laws in which the regulations regarding collection, use, disclosure, storage and management of personal data are clearly and legally provided. 

Pizza Hut appreciates the confidence you have placed in us by registering for our service via Website or Line. By accepting these terms and conditions, it shall be deemed that you have acknowledged the contents of these terms thoroughly and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions.


  1. Definition 

Personal data means information which can directly or indirectly identify certain person. 


  1. Limited Collection of Personal Data 

The Company shall collect personal data in a lawful and fair manner by collecting only personal data that is necessary for the provision of service according to the Company’s objectives and to the extent required by law. The Company will inform you of the collection and obtain your consent prior to collecting your personal data. 


  1.   Purposes for Collecting Personal Data 

The Company will collect, store and use your personal data for the following purposes:

■ 3.1 To register the use of service and to verify your identify for the purpose of membership subscription, verification/authentication. 

■ 3.2 To provide our service to you in compliance with the agreement, to process purchase order, track delivery, provide aftersales service, response to comments, recommendations as well as requests and complaints

■ 3.3 To collect, use, disclose, process, analyze statistical data, conduct marketing research, improve service and quality of goods to meet your demand  

■ 3.4 To inform you of privilege, marketing communication, sales promotion, and information related to other goods and services including advertising services, individual sales promotion and other campaigns 

■ 3.5 To improve experiences of users of websites, applications and platforms, to manage your account in order to make it easier to use and increase its efficiency.

■ 3.6 To ensure safety of network and data, to manage communication system, to conduct and verify information technology safety  

■ 3.7 To use, disclose, process, send and/or transfer to affiliated companies, partners, business alliances and/or any juristic persons or individuals who are contracting parties of the Company located both in and outside the country, including companies who provide supporting service to the Company (such as payment service providers, logistics service provider, food service providers, data storage service providers) and companies providing marketing related service (such as analysis service providers, survey agents, marketing agents) for the purpose of collection, use, disclosure, processing, analyzing of data, verification/authentication and/or improvement of service and quality of products. 

■ 3.8 To carry out the Company’s transactions, acquisition, merger, reorganization which may result in the transfer of your personal data by the Company to the third parties who are related to such transactions.

■ 3.9 To perform duties required by laws, rules, regulations, or to provide cooperation to law enforcement authority when the Company is duly requested and it is necessary for its performance of duties according to the law in order to protect the Company’s rights, properties and interest including safety of the Company or persons to the extent permitted by law in order to protect or prevent any danger to life, body or health of persons. 

If there is any change to the purposes for collecting personal data in the future, the Company shall inform you by posting such change on our website (https://www.pizzahut.co.th/) and record the amendment as evidence.

  1. Collection and Use of Personal Data 

The Company may collect your personal data as follows:

Personal information, for example, name-last name, age, birthday, sex, identification card information, digital signature, photograph/surveillance footage and voice record and/or any other information given by you to the Company.

■ Contact and delivery information, for example, name- last name, address, telephone number, email, information for contact by phone, customer profile, delivery information, location of place of delivery, purchase order history, GPS location, information and details of payment made via payment channels 

■ Purchase order information, for example, username, password, food order history, menu, favorite items, payment number, order channel, selected branch  

■ Social Media Account, for example, ID LINE, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

■ Information filled in online forms, for example, registration, communication via the Company’s social medias which includes information related to your identify and contact information or any other information that is beneficial to the provision of service. In this regard, the Company may collect your personal data provided in survey forms, for example, your answers and result of survey form, your queries, opinions, feedbacks and suggestions. In such case, the Company shall obtain your consent prior to collection such information.

■ Use of cookies which are small files that are sent to and stored on your web browser in order to store information regarding your visit.  Once you comes back to the website, the web browser will remember that you have visited the website until you leave the relevant website or until “Cookies” are deleted or disabled. 

■ Log File Subject to the Computer Related Crime Act B.E. 2550, the Company’s website maintains automatic log file of when users access and leave the website where such information can be linked to personally identifiable information, for example,  IP address, type of browser etc. 

The Company shall keep the abovementioned information confidential unless otherwise required by law and/or in any other cases specified in the Privacy Policy. 

  1. Rights of Data Subject 

You have the following rights: 

■ 5.1 You have the right to request to access to your data given to the Company and to make a request for obtaining a copy of your personal data as well as a request for disclosure of source of personal data for which you have not provided your consent to the Company; 

■ 5.2 You have the right to object to collection, use or disclosure of your personal data in the case that the Company has collected such data without your consent for the purpose of direct marketing or research.

■ 5.3 You have the right to request for transmission or transfer of your personal data stored in electronic tools and devices to other person and the right to unless such action cannot be done due to technical reason.

■ 5.4 You have the right to request the Company to delete, destroy or temporarily suspend the use of your personal data or to convert such data into non-identifiable data.  

■ 5.5 You have the right to request the Company to rectify your personal data to be accurate, updated, and complete and ensure that your personal data is not misleading. 

■ 5.6 You have the right to unsubscribe or refuse to receive information via the Company’s website. 

  1. Collection of Personal Data from Several Sources 

The Company may use your personal data provided by you via website with your personal data provided by the Bank through which you have informed your intention to make a payment for the goods by means of debiting account or credit card 

  1. Safety Measure for Personal Data and Period of Storage 

The Company has established appropriate measures for keeping personal data safe in accordance with the standards for collection of data as required by law in order to prevent any loss or unauthorized or illegal access, destruction, use, change, revision or disclosure of personal data as well as use of personal data without permission. 

In this regard, the Company shall collect your personal data until you submit to the Company your request to delete your personal data and/or detail from our database or until you terminate the use of service. 

  1. Contact Us

Should you have any question or recommendation with respect to the Privacy Policy or the compliance with this policy, please contact Legal Department of PH Capital Co., Ltd. at No. 02-109-7400.